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Full Version: include multiple views in one page
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I'm trying to implement a portlet type of view, where you can include multiple controller views on one page.

For example, I have a LoginController that displays a userid/passwd box. I have a CategoryController that displays all categories in a box. I have a PollController that displays a survey box and so on and so forth.

On the home page, I want to include all 3 (or more) views of the controllers... i.e.

<?php include="http://servername/x/logins" ?> (renders logins/index.thml)
<?php include="http://servername/x/categories" ?> (renders categories/index.thml)
<?php include="http://servername/x/polls" ?> (renders polls/index.thml)

I was able to get this to render the layout successfully in Firefox (but not IE). However, the Session information gets "lost". I think the reason is because of the "http://servername..." ? ? ?

Is there an alternative approach to achieving this type of view design ?
Yes, use one view with elements in it. Elements are : login element, category element, etc ...

It wil be much easier that way.
thx for the reponse blux. do you have a code snippet ? i'm not familiar w/ "Elements"
Check the manual man. There's some examples there and search in this forum, maybe you'll find some too
Elements are basically work the same as normal views, except that you can use them everywhere and anytime (inside the layout, inside a view, inside another element).

Here's the chapter at the manual

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