hi everyone,

i'm banging my head against the wall because this problem,

i want to export a data from cake to a RTF file, to make it happen i'm try to use the PHPRtfLite classes, and i did every single indication of this tutorial: http://www.thempra.net/2011/02/generar-doc...tf-con-cakephp/

the code save perfectly a rtf file, but the problem is when opening that file with headers, don't show the html format, just the code like this:

{\fonttbl{\f0 Times New Roman;}}
\deftab1298 \paperw11907 \paperh16443 \margl1701 \margr1701 \margt567 \margb1134 \pgnstart1\ftnnar \aftnnrlc \ftnstart1 \aftnstart1
\pard \ql {\fs24 \i Hola \b Mundo\b0 \i0 .}


i guess that cake don't send correctly the headers to ms word...
can you help me?