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I have created a layout for pdf reports... My default layout changes to pdf layout once i click the submit button and the report generation starts .... when the report generation is in progress my current page is shown damaged blink.gif and it looks very strange..... after report generation is over, the message i meant for emailing the report is displayed and everything works fine....

can anyone tell me why the page gets a damaged appearance? and any resolution on this??

What are you using for generating PDF ?

Could you post an image of the damaged screen ?
hi blux,

I am using tcpdf for generating pdf reports... I've attached the damaged screenshot....The screen appears like this when report generation in progress and then becomes normal...

so weird.......

FYI: I also do some validation checks b4 submitting the form.....is that the cause for this???
sorry! zip file is not showing the image..... have a look at this
could you tell me how to upload images?.....
hi... finally i found it....

the validation $(':hidden').text("") causing damages to the page look....i modified it...now the page is looking normal

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Weird ... I'm using TCPDF to generate pdf too with cake but I don't see why you use $(':hidden').text("") ...
I use jquery to validate forms.... as $this->data includes hidden data when form is submitted, i did $(':hidden').text("") , so that hidden data wont be included in $this->data when submitted.... then i replaced the jquery....
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