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Full Version: Here is a drop-in replacement for cake.generic.css
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After creating numerous CakePHP projects (some for real, some for testing) I always found myself fixing the default stylesheet (which, imo, has some really strange things in it).

That is why I decided to create a clean version of CakePHP's default stylesheet (cake.generic.css).

My version brings the CakePHP style back to a minimal, while the default Cake layout elements still work properly (think of pagination, debugging, action-links, etc).

I got a page on my blog for it, and the source can be found on github.

Here is one of the screenshots of the new layout, some more are found here, compared to the original stylesheet.

user posted image
i like it
already applied it to my test apps

maybe it finds its way into the core some day smile.gif
Sir P
thanks beeman ... I will certainly bare this one in mind... the cake one is a bit strange your right.

the core one is simply not usable on a normal sized screen smile.gif
way too oversized
Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it smile.gif

@mark_germany: that would be the biggest compliment I could get smile.gif
thank you very much, I was thinking to use BlueprintCSS but I am too lazy

I've been thinking about using BluePrint as well, but then you'd also have to update the default.ctp template. Nice for a bigger project, but too much hassle for when you're just playing around smile.gif

This works drop-in, I now use it like this and I'm done smile.gif
$ cd app/webroot/css/
$ wget http://github.com/beeman/cakestyle/raw/master/cake.generic.css -O cake.generic.css
Thanks for the info.
nice work dud looking good! smile.gif
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