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I've got a very strange error on my page. Cake tends to produce some kind of white space which I'm unable to locate & fix. Take a look at how it should like: http://staregry.org.pl (don't concern about language) and compare with http://staregry.org.pl/games .

For now I only managed to find that error is produced by Cake. There error exist's only within /games. Commenting $content_for_layout - no effect.
I've used firebug to turn off css (no effect), and delete elements of html (no effect either). Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.
Sir P
hi there

ive looked at both pages and i dont know what space you are talking about, screen dump it and put a arrow on it or something:)
I think I know why you have an extra whitespace on the header area...

Im not sure if this is cake problem, but after saving both pages locally and opening it with Notepad++, the only difference between both pages is the opening bracket for <!DOCTYPE is using a weird meta-character for the page in /games.... check out the image below:

in /games:
user posted image

if u look closely, there's a weird extra bits on the top of the open tag bracket.... try replacing that bracket with the normal HTML open tag (<) , that should fix your problem. i've tried locally and it did..
Sir P
foreign encoding .. booo smile.gif
@Sir P: utf-8 ? it's rather standard, I think so smile.gif
@ZeMMs: First, thanks for your answer, but the doctype line should start with <! check the w3 official page. Anyway I followed your advice and tried to change it and even remove it completly, but it makes no difference at all. You can check it by yourself, all changes are visibile on my page.

Any other ideas ?
Sir P
Hi blid,

I was only kidding.. though from the symptoms it does look like there are some foreign characters in there causing the issues.

That being said, I cant see the problem.. have a look at the attach file, a screen shot of both sites.. no white gaps at the top or anything ...

Let me know,
blid, im pretty sure my first reply actually is the answer to your problem... but i think you didnt look at the screenshot closely enough to spot the difference...

here i will again put two lines ... one is copied from yours, and one is the correct one that i have written myself so that you can spot the difference:

user posted image

look very closely with the first line, it has an extra dot above the opening bracket < that i have circled for you..

the second line has the normal open bracket without the extra dot (or small line) on top of it..

now this is actually quite a weird thing to see, because i can only see this when i downloaded the page and opening it with Notepad++. I cant see this if i open with the normal notepad or viewing the source code through firefox... only with notepad++ (notepad++ is usually good at these things)

i suggest that you try to edit this particular page using notepad++ and you will see what i mean... then try to remove the open bracket and replace it with the one without the extra dot on top. the extra whitespace will be gone after that. i believe you are having a whitespace because the doctype tag could not be properly read by the browser (because of the problem mentioned above)
You are correct, I missed the dot. It's actually strange, because even if I put:

$this->autoRender = false;

something ("ďťż") tends to appear, and I have absolutly no idea where does it came from.

problem SOLVED.
I owe you at least one beer smile.gif You gave me a lead to use a notepad++, so i used it and played a little while encoding. I opened games controller, and change encoding from utf-8 to utf-8 _without_ BOM. Voila. Finally.
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