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I am using cake_1.2.0.7692-rc3 for my application.

I want to display top menu links in all pages(.ctp).

Then, how can i do this.

you should creat a file 'default.ctp' in folder app/view/layout/
You can use element to include your menu into default.ctp layout

Create file for example: menu.ctp with your menu links and place it into views -> element folder

then write [PHP] echo $this->element('menu');[/PHP] in your default.ctp layout

You can even cache your element menu

Check this out:


Thanks for replying.


I am created element menu.ctp.

At there Suppose i write code:

|<?php e($html->link('Administrators', '/Admins/index'));?>|
<?php e($html->link('Section Management', '/Sections/index'));?>|
<?php e($html->link('UserType Management', '/UserTypes/index'));?>|
<?php e($html->link('Domain Management', '/Domains/index'));?>|

But currently this is static.

But i want to fetch them from database.
So where i should write code for that.

For example: for add.ctp i write code in add action of related controller.
So i can set view for add.ctp.

But for menu.ctp (element) from where i can set that view.

And also tell me $content_for_layout comes from where?

Thanks For Replying.
Again wait 4 reply.
Just read cake book:
PassingVariables into an Element paragraph from:
thanks to all. i just follow the rules u all mentioned and solve my problems.
the simplest way to create and element at

and called it
where you want to display on simple using


you can call a dynamic menu like left menu in element and render it in all project.
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